The TX/OK AIDS Education & Training Center (TX/OK AETC) is proud to announce the 2013 "Women & HIV International Clinical Conference", a two-day face-to-face event hosted at the Magnolia Hotel May 3rd and 4th in Dallas, Texas. The goal of this conference is to “Empower clinicians to provide timely care to women living with or at risk of contracting HIV”.



HIV disproportionally affects women, especially those who live in poverty and under unstable housing conditions.

• 25% of adults and adolescents aged 13 years or older living with a diagnosis of HIV in the United States are women (1)
• In 2011, an estimated 10,257 women aged 13 years or older were diagnosed HIV positive (2)
• Women accounted for 25% (7,949) of the estimated 32,052 AIDS diagnoses in 2011 (2)
• In 2010, an estimated 217 children younger than the age of 13 years were diagnosed with HIV and 162 (75%) of those children were prenatally infected (1)
• From the beginning of the epidemic through 2009, an estimated 5,626 people who were diagnosed with AIDS were younger than 13 years died in the 50 stated and District of Colombia. Of the total 4,986 (89%) of them were infected perinatally (1)

According to UNAIDS, violence against women is both a cause and a consequence of HIV/AIDS. The Office on Women’s’ Health also notes that women living with HIV may be at risk of violence when disclosing their HIV status to their partner.

The Texas/Oklahoma AIDS Education & Training Center (TX/OK AETC) in conjunction with other State and National agencies are working hard to provide health care providers treating women living with or at risk of contracting HIV with up to date medical updates. The 2013 Women & HIV International Clinical Conference will provide health care providers with information and tools to provide timely care to women living with or at risk of contracting HIV.



 Overall Learning Objectives

At the end of this conference, participants should be able to:

    1. Identify two ways to properly assess women living with HIV for Intimate Partner Violence.
    2. State two prevention methods for sero-discordant couples to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
    3. Discuss two strategies to assess and manage HIV risk in female adults.
    4. Describe two current treatment regimens to reduce the risk of perinatal HIV transmission.
    5. Review the epidemiologic trends of HIV infected women in the U.S. and internationally.
    6. Identify two current treatment options for HIV-positive women.




The following topics will be offered, listed in order of time.


May 3, 2013
May 4, 2013

Perinatal Transmission of HIV & Syphilis: An International Perspective

Preconceptual Counseling of HIV Positive Women

The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence & HIV in Women

How to Ask Tough Questions (IPV Assessment/Sexual Risk Asssessment)

Changes to the Ryan White Program & the Affordable Care Act

HIV Prevention Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEEP); Serodiscordant Couples

Medication Adherence & High Risk Prenatal Care

Let's Ask the Tough Questions - Role Play

Intimate Partner Violence Case Discussion

Reproductive Health & the Care of HIV Infected Women

Toward Eliminating HIV Heterosexual Transmission

HIV Positive Women & Aging


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 Conference Details


May 3-4, 2013



Magnolia Hotel

1401 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75201




Nearby Airports


Love Field Airport
DFW Airport

8008 Cedar Springs Rd

Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 670-6080

3200 E Airfield Drive

Grapevine, TX 76051
(972) 973-8888






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Target Audience

Advanced - Expert Level Clinicians, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, and other health care professionals caring for people with HIV.





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